by Wendell Berry
I would not have been a poet
 except that I have been in love
 alive in this mortal world,
 or an essayist except that I
 have been bewildered and afraid,
 or a storyteller had I not heard
 stories passing to me through the air,
 or a writer at all except
 I have been wakeful at night
 and words have come to me
 out of their deep caves
 needing to be remembered.
 But on the days I am lucky
 or blessed, I am silent...

 An excerpt, from Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry


Emma Philbin Bowman was born in Dublin in 1969 and educated at Newpark Comprehensive School. She holds a First Class Honours Degree from UCD in Philosophy and English Literature, where she was also awarded several scholarships. After a number of years working as a teacher, writer and gardener, she spent time living and working at Gaia House Meditation Centre in Devon before training as a psychotherapist at the Institute for Creative Counselling in DunLaoghaire, Co Dublin. Since then she has undertaken several further formal and informal psychotherapy and meditative trainings, and is profoundly influenced by the Buddhist and Advaita traditions. She has sat many meditation retreats and attended many satsang teachings over the past twenty five years. She has also trained as a Mindfulness Teacher.

Emma has worked as a psychotherapist in private practice in Dublin for the past 10 years and as a Counsellor with students at Dublin City University for the past six years. She lectures at UCD on the MSc in Mindfulness and with The Mindfulness Centre in Pembroke St.  She is writing about and has a special interest in the depth and vitality obscured by sadness, and is passionate about sharing the transformative and healing potential of relational inquiry in a peer practice context.

In her work as a psychotherapist, she is strongly influenced by both the British Independent Tradition (Winnicott, Bollas etc), Self-Psychology, Attachment Theory, and Buddhist and Meditative perspectives on human experience.  Although not formally trained in body work, she sees the body as an essential ally and resource in the therapeutic process.

In recent years, she has focused intensively on contemporary approaches to spirituality which emphasize psychological integration alongside an appreciation of Being, Presence and Emptiness. She is an ongoing student of the Diamond Approach (Scandinavia) for the past several years, and more recently has undertaken online trainings in Mystical Principles of Healing and Transparent Communication with contemporary mystic, Thomas Hubl. She has also worked extensively with Eugene Gendlin's Focusing. 

Wendell Berry, continued....
I go into the one body
that two make in making marriage
that for all our trying, all
our deaf-and-dumb of speech,
has no tongue. Or I give myself
to gravity, light, and air
and am carried back
to solitary work in fields
and woods, where my hands
rest upon a world unnamed, 
complete, unanswerable, and final
as our daily bread and meat. 
The way of love leads all ways
to life beyond words, silent
and secret. To serve that triumph
I have done all the rest.